The first step to starting an online business is to pick a web hosting provider

Choosing a web hosting provider.
Definitely, a web site hosting provider is the first thing you must consider when you are planning your own business online. Nevertheless, choosing a web hosting provider is not the same as buying the first banana you see in the supermarket.  When you make searches in Google, Yahoo or Bing you will find out hundreds of companies proving web hosting services but most of them maybe don’t have the sufficient quality you need, or they will not suit your business requirements. Even though you can leave this important decision for the last moment, it is important that you seriously think about how to choose the right web hosting provider. In fact, I am going to show some tips that are often taken in account when you are ready to choose a hosting provider company. Let’s see the most important things to consider when making a decision like this.
  • Think of your business requirements: When you are attempting to get the services of a web hosting company, don’t try to adapt the company to your business needs. Think of your company needs, or those things your company needs to prove a high-class customer service. A web hosting provider can make you several offers but you have the last word and decision. In most cases you feel enticed to pay for a web hosting service that is attractive in its offer but maybe there are other alternatives that suit better with your needs. In this aspect, is very important to ask the right questions in order to make sure you end up with the right provider.
  • Check uptime, speed and customer reviews: Take the time to check customer reviews for web hosting providers, but be careful. Some review websites write their own reviews to trick the customer to buy from certain providers that give them large commissions. My best advice is to look at several if not a dozen or more review websites to get an overall picture. Check uptime and page load times.
  • Check location and ownership: If you are going to develop or launch a website primarily for Canadian users, the server of your hosting provider should be in Canada. With a quality hosting provider, the location can cut down on page load times. Search the hosting providers website to make sure they are based in the country or region your server resides. Contact customer service to see if the Customer Service is also in the same country or region. Hosting Providers that outsource the customer service are far more likely to be a provider of less quality.
  • Using the most cost-effective solution: In many aspects, we must make evaluation to determine the best web hosting provider for your business website. Sometimes we try only to get the most affordable solution but, sometimes you get what you pay for. In other words, the cheapest provider may not be the best provider and the cheapest package may not be sufficient for your growing needs.
  • Bandwidth and usage: Try to search for companies that provide unlimited domains (more than one website), unlimited bandwidth. There are many companies out there that provide you with a lot of options for less than $10 a month. Another thing to ask is if they backup your files for free.
  • Technology: PHP (databases), and your Control Panel are important pieces to help manage your website. Some less quality hosting providers only provide the customer with FTP upload location, but provide no software to manage your account. The ability to create databases using PHP is crucial to most websites that are required to take and store information that will need to be recalled at a later time. If you have a simple HTML page describing your website, then you may not need PHP at all. These are things you will need to know before purchasing.

Here is a little of my experience. I once bought hosting and set up over twenty websites through a provider, when my websites online availability (uptime) began to decline. I did a internet search to learn more about that particular provider. It turned out that it was just some guy who had a handful of servers in a leaky basement, was affected by a flood. Things never did go right after that, so I switched servers.

I cannot stress the importance of finding a quality hosting provider. Once your sites are set up it can be a real chore to move them to another provider. It is better to do some research and do your homework before you decide to jump in.

Good luck in your new internet adventure!

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